Rookies Weekly Drills 060 - MagicPotion

Rookies Weekly Drills 060 - MagicPotion

Jon Sharratt
by trashart on 28 Jun 2021

A set of game ready assets all setup for a potion making class in Unreal Engine.

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Inspired this week after a recent webinar and the theme of MagicPotion to start creating an asset pack for the Unreal Marketplace around a potion making class.

Although it does not have the completed set of assets I hope to get on the Unreal Marketplace it was enough to get a scene together, a total of 15 meshes. Each asset was created and textured apart from the floor material and walls which were Quixel Megascans.

Modelling (High / Low Poly + UVs):

Adobe Substance 3D Painter

Rendering and VFX:
Unreal and Niagara

Created Alphas:

Final Video:
Adobe Premiere Pro

List of Assets Created:

SM_TestTubeLiquid, SM_Tin_A, SM_Tin_Lid_A, SM_BunsenTap, SM_BunsenBurner, SM_BunsenTubing, SM_MiniPestle, SM_MiniMortar, SM_TestTubeRack, SM_TestTube_A, SM_Spoon_A, SM_Cauldron_A, SM_CauldronStand, SM_Stool, SM_Table

Controllable and Drawable Bunsen Tubing within the scene using a spline.

Created  a couple of alphas using Figma for the Bunsen burner flame FX. Within a new material I hooked up a panner and then a Niagara system to achieve the flame effect.

Glass material for test tubes and used it on the liquid within the test tubes, based on the handy doc from Timothy Dries:

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