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Unused Sprites - Shadows & Souls

Unused Sprites - Shadows & Souls

Griffin Lee Allen
by GriffinAllen on 28 Jun 2021

A collection of sprites I made that went unused from the Shadows & Souls demo for various reasons.

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Above are some unused monster sprites for the Shadows & Souls demo. As I was working with two groups before each one ended up splitting, my art ended up carrying between ideas, as I stuck with the groups working on the concept (or forms of it) that was initially thought up, which was a dungeon crawler where you fought cute monsters. Over time the idea obviously changed in different ways, and once I was working by myself, I ended up shifting to the concept to being more focused on puzzle solving. These monsters were made for the initial concept, where you'd fight have to fight them. However, you wouldn't be able to harm them until you swapped them to their true, monstrous forms. I ended up not going with that idea for this demo, but a semblance of that concept is still present, as in, the monster souls you collect that you can swap to are simpler, cuter versions of the bosses/entities you get them from. If I had more time, I would've found a way to introduce some of these sprites into the demo (as some, like the green ball monster, would've been playable), but unfortunately they went unused.

Originally, with my previous group before ending up solo, we planned to make the main character a knight, who followed after his pet, which fled into a mysterious temple occupied by ferocious but cute monsters. Despite knowing their vicious intent, the knight cannot bring himself to harm such adorable creatures. The knight would have ended up discovering a mysterious power within the temple that would allow him to manifest a sword and shield, and give him access to swapping powers, which he could use to reveal the cute monsters' true, horrific forms. The knight would be able to swap monsters with activatable abilities, like with a swap projectile, or through a burst around them. However, once I was the only one working on the project, I shifted gears, and ended up dropping the knight for a more projectable main character and the pet story for a darker one. While all of these Knight sprites went unused, I decided to feature the character a different way in the demo's story.

Above are unused and WIP UI sprites for the knight. Since I ended up dropping the knight as the main character, I wasn't able to use these sprites. I could have finished the pause menu sprite and possibly have used it, but I didn't have enough time to mess with pause functionality, so it stayed unused.

Above are some of the last unused sprites for the game. I sprited projectiles for the enemies above, but since they weren't used, the projectiles weren't used either. While there are crystals in the game that are aesthetic, at one point I intended for them to have functionality where you could turn them off and on. That idea was scrapped though. Finally, I thought about including braziers, but because of the time it would take to animate such a big flame well, I decided to stick with just torches.

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