Shadows & Souls [Demo]

Shadows & Souls [Demo]

Griffin Lee Allen
by GriffinAllen on 28 Jun 2021

My senior capstone final for IMS 491 at Miami University of Ohio. I would've loved for the game to have been bigger content wise, but because of group splits that occurred over both senior capstone classes, I ended up making this by myself with only a few months time. That's why this is just a demo.

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While this is only demo length, I feel like I've set things up where this game could easily be expanded upon in the future if I ever come back to it. It was very fun working on all of this pixel art.

You can find the game's download here on Gamejolt:

Above are upscaled version of some sprites featured in the game, to allow for a closer look at them. While I was the only one doing programming, design, and art for this, I still had plenty of fun making all of these sprites. For many of the sprites, I kept in mind how I made those personal character sprites (featured elsewhere in this portfolio), using many of the tricks for them on these game sprites. 

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