Guillermo Jesuardo Morán
by Retroinu on 24 Jun 2021

Character sheet of the leader of a yakuza gang made of neko-girls.

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Neko girls and Yakuza, the best combination possible.

The first step of the chekclist: Develop an idea!

I usually start my works with a brainstorm, thinking thematics, characters, and poses with which I will design the characters.

 Never start with a white canvas!

Time to take references!

Artstation is the best place to get some inspiration in order to set the base of the artwork.

Here I collected some catgirls and yakuza arts to develop a moodboard.

Some sketches and notes.

Having a visual representation of your ideas and complement them with some notes are a great way to design a concept art.

Lineart step: anatomy, line quality.

This is one of my favourite parts of my workflow, the lineart. Here I need to polish the previous sketches with a clean stroke that respects the proportions of the character. 

In order to maintain the manga style I usually give some darkness at the intersections of the line.

Base color, shadows, and lights.

Last steps: render, composition, canvas design.

Finally, with all the previous steps, I try to merge them by render the colors to get a smoother result. I like to paint the lineart , add details like water drops and glitters.

As you can see, the final composition is different than the previous, and I designed the last one to get a cleaner view of the draws that are more representative of the character and have more work behind. 

At the end, I also painted the background with a darker color to make contrast, and some designs related with the thematic and keeping the color palette.

I hope you like the final art.(´,,•ω•,,)♡

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