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Nightwing realtime Project

Nightwing realtime Project

Faz Khan
by Fazijinn on 23 Jun 2021

This is my Nightwing Project that I did to learn about Alpha cards for hair. The character is fully game-ready with the right topology. I have different variations of the model and a bit of the process. Hope you enjoy it! -F

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This project was about trying hair cards for the first time. So I shifted my style a little to a bit more semi-realistic approach. I thought the best way to try this is by doing a "fan art" of my favorite superhero. Nightwing.  This Piece went through a lot of transformation and also I spoke to a lot of the fans to ask what they would like to see and I fulfilled those things.

This was the first pass of my model. I laid out the textures and got a feeling of what I wanted the hair to be like. 

Afterwards, I imported this into Maya and started making the alpha cards

Once this was complete I had to do the other Nightwing Outfit which was a huge fan favourite. 

Looking back at this, I will definitely come back and pose this and fix the textures here and there. For now this was another milestone achieved by doing a real-time character with alpha cards for hair approach. 

Thank you for viewing! 


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