Vampiric Cabaret: The Red Room #3

Vampiric Cabaret: The Red Room #3

Rodrigo Ben Da Silva
by roveloper on 21 Jun 2021

Third environment out of four, based on the myth of the vampire from his origins in ancient Mesopotamia to now. A pub cabaret run by vampires, build from the ruins of an old church. This environment is part of my final degree's project.

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The lightning during the different scenes is intended to introduce the dichotomy between vampires and humans, using blues to reinforce the human sites and the red for the areas occupied by vampires. Also, the areas are designed to evoke different aspects of the psyche of the vampire. Like her superiority, always standing at different height respect the humans, or the ability to stalk them nearly every time like the predators they are.

The Red Room is one of the secrets areas of the local. Originally this room was one bathroom but turned to a room where vampires can observe potential victims even in the most intimate places. The room also had differents relics and books from a past age that reminds vampires where they came from.

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