(WIP) Railway to Hell

(WIP) Railway to Hell

by Savigo on 22 Jun 2021

A game environment that I'm going to work on in the upcoming weeks.

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The main goal of this project is to create a stationary train and movable, modular landscapes + the "end point" which is the "cathedral" presented on the images above.

The train should consist of two unique carriages and a locomotive, and everything should be fully accessible inside.

The landscape will consist of 3 layers:

- Railroad tracks + gravel

- Near landscapes.

- Distant landscapes.

I also plan to spawn some rocks on top of the 2nd level.

Everything outside the train will move at a constant speed, which is currently 16 m/s.

The concept of the cathedral is based on gothic architecture but the structure is inverted - instead of pointing upwards, the cathedral will point downwards.

Here is also a part of the train that I will hopefully finish soon (there are still some sloppy sub-divs and missing parts):

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