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by Schmoke on 20 Jun 2021

I am developing something for my reel. Here I am trying to get some further experience with houdini and nuke.

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Update - 20 Jun 2021

I am working on some additions for my application-reel. My plan is to create a scene that shows some vfx and maybe more. So my current state is as followed:

I'm trying to create a used airplane that didn't get an overhaul a long time ago.  I learnt some Mantra-tutorials that allowed me to use some procedural shaders  achieve that look. I used a free 3D-Model of a Arsenal VG33 Airplane and I applied the provided texture and mixed it with some colored noise that are added on the edges on the Model.

I usually record my process to review it and reuse it later. you can see a screenshot of a render where I tried to put a rust color on the added edge-noise. But I found out, that Airplanes are usually built with aluminum, which can't get rust. It corrodes maybe, when its in contact with other metals.

I used a principled shader for just the texture and tweaked some variables. I combined it later with another principled shader to add some color to the noise on the edges.

I control the colors of the noise shader with the ramp. All nodes that are behind the ramp are actually some tryouts that didn't seem to do much after.
As alpha-output I took the aanoise-node and send the provided noise output to the layer mix.

I thought of maybe adding some smoke that is produced by a damaged or an overheated engine. I finally thought that it looks maybe cooler, when it just had landed and heatwaves are  rising from the engine. I found a tutorial, that shows how to do particles that rise really fast and then use these images and manipulate it in nuke. So that it looks like in the shown screenshot.

Here are some links that helped me to understand houdini and nuke better and reach my goal:

Rendering and Shading with Mantra:
Arsenal VG33 Model:

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