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Desert Falconer Leila

Desert Falconer Leila

Faz Khan
by Fazijinn on 18 Jun 2021

Finished with my seer/hunter character I've decided to name her Leila. I've finished modeling the falcon that she uses to help her face her battles and hunts. If you want to see more WIP or progress shots please take a look at my Instagram Thank you so much for viewing. -F

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Desert Girl Leila is the first Character I made after being a jack of all trades. I remember I had no clue what I wanted to be I just wanted to work in games. Every Environment, every character, every Asset has a story to tell. And I wanted to just go out there and make it.  After getting lots of advice from close friends who worked in the industry they steered me on the right path.  So now I want to tell stories with my Characters. 

Desert Girl Leila Is a special character to me as it's the beginning of my journey. 

The type of character she is is a Seeress/ Hunteress.  She uses her falcon to help her hunt/ battle and is one of her loyalist companions.  I want to bring my culture into my artwork so I tried to make this character with my culture in mind. From her Mehndi to her jewelry even to her staff and clothes. 

Her Accessories are actually real-life bad omen wards. If you look closely at the coin in the middle it has something called the hand of Fatima on them. In my culture, this hand of Fatima blocks the evil eye. 

Her Necklace also has ancient bedouin wards I remember seeing this when I went to a museum. Originally I was going to give her a bedouin mark on her face but no matter what signs I did, it never looked quite right her face was perfect to me as it is. 

I really love falconers and I watched lots of documentaries on them. About the tribes who use Falcons to hunt in the plateaus of Asia. So that's where the falcon inspiration came from.  This original character I designed is pretty much everything I love. I hope you enjoy it!

Some close-up of the falcon, I couldn't leave it bare it looked boring and it wasn't cohesive to the entire design. So I gave the falcon a piece of what Leila has. The jewel embedded on the falcon's forehead is what Leila uses to gain an "eagle vision" if you're familiar with the assassin's Creed games. She can see whatever the falcon is seeing which helps her in battles and hunts. 

Thank you for looking at my work and my thought process and feelings behind it.  In hindsight I know I could improve on the clothing. But saying this is my first character work just to see where I've started I'm proud of it. I will revisit this piece just to pose it. Because it looks boring in the A pose.


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