Ukrainian kitchen

Ukrainian kitchen

Daria Volochai
by dariavolochai on 18 Jun 2021

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My main character is an elderly woman, Kharitina Tkachenko, who has lived all her life in a small village located high in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine. She belongs to the Hutsuls - one of the ethnic groups of Ukrainians with a vibrant and distinctive culture. She was born in this village, got married, and raised her children. Now she was left completely alone - her parents and husband had already died, and the children had left for the cities in search of a successful career and more comfortable life.

The first shot conveys the good mood and pleasant atmosphere of the grandmother's kitchen, which is waiting for the visit of her children and grandchildren. The event takes place on the eve of the religious holiday of Easter. On this day in Ukraine, it is customary to visit your parents.

The second shot shows the desolation of Haritina's house after the death of the hostess. The few things that remain are broken, eaten away by insects, covered with rust and dust. As a memory of the hostess, a photograph of her family remained on the table. A stopped clock hangs on the wall (the weights raised to indicate that they are not wound) and a home icon, which continues to guard the peace in this house.

I also learned to work with references: that is, to model and paint objects in another scene and create their reference in the main scene.

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