The Fallen Dwarf

The Fallen Dwarf

Tiffany Tsang
by tiffanytsangart on 18 Jun 2021

I designed a dark dwarf inspired by the dwarves in Tolkien's works, except despite most (if not all) dwarves being resolute in good, I wanted to explore a dark or fallen dwarf.

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"He is fated to live in darkness and in shadow, seldom walking among the living - his figure only to be revealed to an unfortunate few, and his presence will be felt as nothing more than a chilled breeze. Rumours of this dark dwarf have spread throughout the land like a stifled whisper. Be warned, for this fell creature is not to be taken lightly. When the dark lord summons him, the Fallen Dwarf understands none but obedience, and all who witness the axe of the Fallen are doomed by its unrelenting judgment."

Concept design and pose sketches

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