WIP After Dark (Unreal 4)
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WIP After Dark (Unreal 4)

Miranda Kaufmann
by MirandaKaufmann on 17 Jun 2021

Work in progress of a dark forest scene inspired by the song "After Dark" from Mr. Kitty.

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Update - 17 Jun 2021

I am currently working on another environment inspired by the song "After Dark" from Mr. Kitty. 

Since I finished the course at CGMA I wanted to redo the whole pipeline again so I divided my work into six weeks. 

Within the first week, I gathered references for my scene using PureRef. While listening to the song I immediately had a picture of a dark mystical forest by night in my mind. Inspired by the series "Stranger Things" I wanted to create a similar atmosphere. 

I created the first plants in week 1 using Zbrush, Substance Designer and Maya. 

Within week 2 I modeled and sculpted the rocks and tree trunks and created a rough block out of the scene in Unreal Engine. 

In week 3 I started to finalize the trees. I created the branches in Zbrush and the bark in Substance Designer. 

Week 4 was used to create more plants, as well as stone and moss textures.

Since I wanted to create a mystic and dark scene I watched some tutorials on Youtube about how to create a night scene in Unreal. Following the tutorials, I changed the directional light, atmospheric fog, and exponential fog, as well as the sky sphere.

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