Submarine in the forest enviroment

Submarine in the forest enviroment

Nacho Navarro Miró
by NavarroN3D on 15 Jun 2021

this was my first time with Unreal 4 and it was a great experience. This work was made for the conclusion of the vocational training that I was studiying. Here you got some of the renders and process of it. I take the references from the amazing study from Cycle__Circle , please check is beutiful artwork.

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Process of the enviroment

First of all I start choosing a concept as a reference or inspiration, i found this one from Cycle_Circle so interesting and beutiful. 

the second part was to made a blocking in Unreal, this was my first time in Unreal engine so it was my first try with the features of the program

once I got the mesurements I started the modeling in Blender, it was also challenging because I started using this program at the time as Unreal. In total I have three models. First I model the low poly on Blender, later I take the Low poly to Zbrush where I put some details on it and finaly I made the texture on Substance Painter

The texture from the first model take me a while but once I finished I made a smart material that helps me to transport the texture from one asset to another, this speed up my work with the textures os the models giving me more time whit the engine, here you can see some of the process of the texture in the first model

this modeling gives me this three models, the last one are vegetation from Megascans, some rocks and the trees were from Speedtree

now its time to build the enviroment, I import all the assets to the engine and start to work, here you can see some of the process 

Finally you have some discard Renders (Some of them with Metahuman Characters)

and then we have the final render, I make this project as conclusion of my vocational training at Florida Universita, now I'm so motivated for future projects and thinking what new oportunities from the new Unreal 5 engine I can use in new enviroments

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