Bulkhead 37 - Sci Fi Door

Bulkhead 37 - Sci Fi Door

by TimothyLim on 14 Jun 2021

This design is based off the late Paul Pepera's work. While I was searching for inspiration for sci fi door designs I was really inspired seeing his beautifully functional and thought out creations. I attempted to create some of my own designs to exercise my visual library. The art community has lost a great designer.

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I was finally confident enough to tackle a project that was larger in scale after committing myself to learn 3D for a few months. Previously '3D things' were more of a hobby for me but I have now really started to enjoy the whole process. I also have a new found appreciation for the amount of effort and work goes into 3D art.

Thanks to the DiNusty discord community for the feedback and help with the technical difficulties I ran into!

Earlier shots of composition

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