Musashi | Hiroyuki Sanada | West World | WIP
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Musashi | Hiroyuki Sanada | West World | WIP

Deiv Boo
by DeivBoo on 13 Jun 2021

Here is my personal long-term project to create Musashi from "West World" played by actor Hiroyuki Sanada. He’s played in many great movies such as «Last Samurai», «41 Ronin», «Lost» and last but not least «Mortal Combat» as my favorite character - Scorpion.

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Update - 13 Jun 2021

WIP 1: Sculpting

This is the result of months of study and work. Hope you like it!

Sculpted in zBrush with using Texturingxyz maps and R3DS Wrap by Russian3dScanner. Final image was made in Photoshop. Video created in VegasPro.

WIP 2: Retop/Unwrap/Bake

After sculpting the base form, I retopologized the mesh and unwrapped it into 8 udims. When I started the project, the Substance painter wasn't working correctly with udims, so textures projecting was a real problem and I decided not to use many udims. I also decided to use a normal map instead of displacment. But now I see a deficit of surface quality in the close-up. I used the retopologized mesh to sculpt details and project a lot of @texturingxyz maps all over the body. When I was satisfied with the final result, I subdivided the retopologized mesh and baked it as SDiv 1 in Substance Painter.

Retopologized and unwrapped in 3dsMax. Baked in Substance Painter. Rendered in V-Ray (3dsMax). Final image was made in Photoshop.

WIP 3: Texturing/Shading

These are the final textures. I haven't been able to achieve a good result with Corona Render, so I decided to use VRay. I'm new to VRay so it was really hard to find a good result with sss materials and especially with transition geometry on eyes and teeth. Many hours of testing have been spent at this stage. I used "VRayAlsurfaceMtl" for skin with thikness map for SSS mix setup, "VRayFastSSS2" for teeth and eyeballs and "VRayMtl" for transparent objects such as transition geometry and cornea. I used the standard light setup with key light, fill light, 2 rim lights and hdri map. I have 2 texture sets for the first and second reflections. I also have a wet mask for more control over the reflections.

Textured in Substance Painter. Rendered in V-Ray with 3dsMax. Final image was made in Photoshop.

Thank you folks!

That's not all, so stay tuned for new updates of this project!

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