Noah to Sol
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Noah to Sol

by Roxox on 9 Jun 2021

This is one of my own character I will create a 3D model out of it. Noah is a child of a demon and a human. Now he is more human than demon, but over the time he will become more and more demonic.

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Update - 9 Jun 2021

This is Noah, one of my own character. I will build him as a 3D model based on this concept, but I will change a few details that I don't like as much anymore.

In the sculpt I changed the hair. In the concept the hair doent't look right, so I searched for a cool look and took braided hairstyle. I think this fits better. The fingers were originally more like claws, but overall I made him more human than demon, so he got normal hands - big normal hands. On the pants I omitted the golden accessoires on the belt buckles, because I don't see any sense in it.

This is the final sculpt

This is the low-poly-model of the character. Now I will make the textures and in the next update you will see him with color :D

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