Deliverance | Concept Art Assignment

Deliverance | Concept Art Assignment

Siew Jia Huey
by mhanamerex on 9 Jun 2021

Some artwork that I did from this semester's concept art/photobashing class.

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During the previous semester for our concept art class, we were required to come up with a story and concepts based on a specific theme and for my case it ended up being a cyberpunk themed story where people were using spray paints as fuel, currency and even food source. Which ended up being a concept called Deliverance.

Firstly, we had to come up with a main character and a genderbend version of that said character

The next task after the main characters were the creature design where we had to come up with a concept of a creature where it fits in with the story and the world.

After that, we were required to come up with a prop for our main character and either a vehicle design or a robotics design. I ended up going with the robotics design 

Lastly was the individual asset and the environment art. Where I tried to go for a somewhat Ghost in the shell vibe for the entire storyline and the environment tones and design

And here is a process view of the vista art from sketch to final 

Thank you so much for reading and looking through this concept of mine. It was my first time doing any sort of concept art/photobashing techniques and I would really like to thank my lecturer Michael ZHsee for teaching us and giving feedbacks for our sketches and outcomes! 

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