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by Roxox on 8 Jun 2021

This is my first reptile that I built in 3D. Actually I wanted to build a dragon, but when I had already finished the body, I liked it so much that I left out the wings ;)

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Update - 8 Jun 2021

I started to create my first dragon. This is a work in progress state of the sculpt

After I finished the body in ZBrush I decided to omitted the wings because I really like the dude without wings, so it became a salamanda. So here is the finished sculpt of him.

This is the topology of the salamanda.

For the texture I I used Substance Painter. I want him to be a red salamanda, a little bit boring, but in my opinion it fits very well to him :)

After th rigging-part the salamanda is ready to be animated. Here some pics of him in a pose

Here a marmoset scene. Now I will add some animations to integrate him into a game-engine, so I can play with him. My idea is to use him as an enemy and fight against him.

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