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My journey into stylized VFX
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My journey into stylized VFX

Mihaela Gagalova
by mishmish on 7 Jun 2021

A rigger joins the environment art party for one last push in order to bring our game to life!

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Update - 7 Jun 2021

Steam Sprint 1 

In order to match the game's look and feel, I turned to using sprites for my VFX, and Cascade in UE4. In order to make sure the sprites loop well, I used Adobe Animate and then exported as sprites. Material in UE4 was transparent.

Bubbles Sprint 1

Borrowing material from previous block, and iterating on it was my go-to move. I added mesh type data in Cascade and created blueprints with multiple emitters, which I could then add to the level.

But again, the syrup material was heavy... and I need to adjust it

However, programmers on the team pointed out the effects are quite heavy. Since I cannot handle laggy gameplay, and have a need to optimize my work, I took it upon myself (with feedback from programmers) to fix my mistakes next sprint.

Steam Sprint 2

This sprint I am on a mission to make the programmers of our team proud (and satisfy my need for lack of white, pink and vibrant red spots). So, I worked my way to creating a new steam emitter, by selecting TypeData -> GPU sprites. This did not necessarily produce desired results

I adjusted the texture file, sadly was unable to get rid of the transparency option. So, I made sure to reduce the spawn rate, and rely on variety from Size By Life, Colour Over Life, Initial Velocity and Initial Rotation. 

I ended up with this emitter in Cascade

Some hiccups along the way to be noted down: Do not forget to click Set Fixed Bounds, otherwise the effect will blink the further away the player is from it.

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