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Sorcerer's Desk

Sorcerer's Desk

by Dinkleberg on 4 Jun 2021

This project was created using Game Dev Academy's Maya Tutorial which has been linked. The software used was Maya, the tutorial covered effective UV Mapping, Modelling, lighting and other techniques to create a great fantasy themed room.

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Sorcerer's Desk - Created by Chris Lucas

Created using tutorial by Game Dev Academy

Using Maya 2022

First image:

The scene displayed without any materials added, all models created from scratch and lights added.

Second Image: All assets UV Mapped and modelled.

Third Image: Final render of scene, with a deliberate angle chosen to try and showcase as much of the work done as possible.

I conducted appropriate research to determine whether this project would be suitable for me and determined that since it was an entry level project and considered 'beginner' I would be more than capable of completing it. Throughout the project I gained competency in UV Mapping, texturing, modelling, lighting and other aspects of creating a photorealistic scene in Maya. I believe the creation of this project has provided me an extremely sturdy foundation for my future working in 3D studios.

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