Japanese Tea House - Chashitsu

Japanese Tea House - Chashitsu

Gabor Szente
by GaborSzente on 2 Jun 2021

Exterior and Interior Architectural Visualisation

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I have been always interested in Japanese culture and history, and I started to read this Samurai book, which was talking about how important the tea ceremony was during peacetime for samurai.

I have to say it got me inspired, and I always wanted to create something Japanese culture-related.

The tea house itself and the interior of it was created by me, while I used evermotion trees, quixel megascan library to create the environment.

For the trees and grass, and some of the larger props which had a higher polycount, I created Corona Proxies to reduce the weight of the scene. Then to have the foliage I used Corona Scatter, for lighting I rigged Corona Sun with an hdri map, to have better control over the environment if wanted to play around with it.

For the foggy scenes, I created a Corona volume material, which had a noise map attached to it, and also set up a light mix for the hdri and lanterns light control.

Here are the final renders and the reference pictures I used.

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