Boat by the Lake

Boat by the Lake

Gabor Szente
by GaborSzente on 2 Jun 2021

Environmental Concept Art and Design

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I recreated another previous work I did years ago.

I found this image (black and white reference image) somewhere on social media, and the whole mood of it just caught my eyes.

I wanted to create the boat first, so I started searching for how a rowboat is done in real life.

I modeled out the boat, created a UVW map in C4D, and exported the whole object into Substance Painter to add some textures.

Then I exported the boat as an OBJ and the textures into 3ds max, where I already have had my studio environment built up, with corona lightmix setup.

I was happy with the way it looked, so I created a new scene for the main project.

Even though I really liked the reference picture, the black and white gradient colors were slightly boring, therefore I decided to create a different environment for the boat.

I used quixel megascans and corona scatter for the grass and evermotion trees, which made building up the scene super fun and easy. For the water, I used a mixture of noises to have the desired look.

After finishing up the modeling, I added 2 different corona sunlight ( one daytime and sunset) and a backplate picture I created last year by Lake Balaton in Hungary. I added a global volume material for the sunset light to get some sort of a fog effect.

And here are the final renders.

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