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Budapest Suburban Apartment Vol4 - Kitchen - Archviz

Budapest Suburban Apartment Vol4 - Kitchen - Archviz

Gabor Szente
by GaborSzente on 2 Jun 2021

Interior Architectural Visualisation

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The last part of my Suburban Apartment project.

I always liked to cook since I have moved to London, and I wanted to make changes to the kitchen itself. For instance, on the right-hand side by the window, I still have a counter that doesn't allow me to sit down and have a chat while having a quick meal or a chat. Just simply relaxing there.

I have also removed the wall by the entrance into the kitchen, but I kept half of an arch that used to be part of it.

I am really happy with the result, I got more space, and managed to reorganize the cabinet and counter the way I always wanted.

I used downloaded assets for the smaller props to keep up a quick and clean workflow, while the larger sections, like the base of the kitchen, cabinets, the counter, and also the texture was created by me.

Hope you guys enjoyed my work!

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