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Epochal Juice

Epochal Juice

Aly O'Neal
by alyoanimation on 2 Jun 2021

A new kid in a futuristic world is faced with intimidating peers and a place he can't make sense of. A trippy futuristic juice tells him he is about to be seriously embarrassed. Watch as his fears take monstrous form. This is all my personal contributions, please visit our website and my teammates' websites for more!

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I began writing Epochal Juice in March of 2020. It has come a long way and is finally ready for festival season. It was an incredibly ambitious film for the amount of people and time we had, but I am really proud of how we pulled it off. To watch it, please message me for the vimeo password! 

Have you ever wondered what the most important moment of your life is? Do you know what it is and want to see it again? Here at Epochal Juice we give you that very moment through a sip of a straw!

What if the most important moment in your life was your most embarrassing moment?

An anxious exchange student trying to fit in with his new friends finds out that he is about to seriously embarrass himself, and there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Moments where you better yourself as a person are just as important as career milestones, if not more.

When it came to production time, I focused on main character designs and story, with other teams further developing the world and supporting cast. Scroll down to see their original designs from my pitch! I love how they turned out the most but i still have a soft spot for their original designs.

Main Characters

The designing phase...

World and Props

 (from my original pitch and some later contributions here and there)

Original Visdev from Pitch

Watch our film, the look has come so far! 

You can watch some of my favorite shots I animated here on my current reel, although I may make a reel later on with my full rough animation Epochal Juice reel! stay tuned <3

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