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The bohemian bar

The bohemian bar

by Vann on 2 Jun 2021

"I think of architecture as a technical possibility of filtering light " Gae Aulenti (1927-2012)

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The bohemian bar reinterprets traditional concepts to merge with modern life in downtown Oaxaca and offer visitors a new experience between craft beer, mezcals, cocktails, regional food, design and architecture.

Oaxaca City...

The Bar

The bohemian bar adapts and seeks a significant integration of form, texture and design. Its concept is the union of its interior spaces into one, taking the bar as the main focal point of the space, all this worked with a palette of contrasting materials in order to obtain harmony and balance in the spaces with warm and neutral tones; among its characteristic elements is the ironwork of the door which was inspired by the original ethnic embroidery of local artisans.

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