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WIP: Cenote
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WIP: Cenote

Eloïse Fournier
by EloiseFournier on 1 Jun 2021

A big personal project about a mix between Atlantis and El dorado, with three cursed kids, doomed forever. It’s still in progress !

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Update - 1 Jun 2021

Early concepts for a personal project named Cenote:

After discovering electricity, the Mayans got cursed by the God they worshipped, the Sky Snake, for detaining to much power for mere humans. Making them almost equals to gods and goddess.

By jealousy, the Snake God decided to drownthe city deep down a giant Cenote, and « save » three homeless kids to be the guardians of this city, by giving them powers. No one is allowed to come close to this cenote, and this city needs to be forgotten by everyone forever. He denied the existence of this wonderful city, veined by gold to conduct electricity.

So everyday, the kids have to use those powers to scare peoples and tourists away from their place. They are not really humans anymore, nor spirits, just immortal children. They are doomed to take care of that golden city for eternity.

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