Woodlands - Interior Assets

Woodlands - Interior Assets

Marie-Christine Loyer
by mcloyer on 1 Jun 2021

During the semester of Winter 2021, I was fortunate enough to lend my help to a group of senior students working on their final project at NAD-UQAC. Here are some assets I had the pleasure to do for the interior of Silva's house.

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WOODLANDS - Interior Assets

Woodlands: Silva and the spirit forest is the final project of talented new graduates from NAD-UQAC (Montréal, QC). While their project was well underway, I had the chance of joining them to help with the interior level of the game. I helped with the overall level art and design of the interior, and helped model and texture some assets. You can check my work below, and also check out our official entry into the Rookie Awards, on my profile.

A little desk to populate the witches' crafting area

Alchemy desk and some clutter. Had to leave space for the mortar and the cutting board - a.k.a where the player can alter ingredients for the potions.

Bookcase and modular book clusters

In-game capture of the Assets in the environment

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