Lighting Study - Caravaggio's 'Still Life With Fruit'
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Lighting Study - Caravaggio's 'Still Life With Fruit'

Mary Simon
by mss422 on 1 Jun 2021

A new lighting project I've given myself to sharpen my skills by analysing and recreating the lighting of Caravaggio's paintings.

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Update - 4 Jun 2021

Update 4/06/21
- Added more fruit and a bowl
- Adjusted layout of fruit, brought closer to the camera and fixed scale
- Warmer colour values brought into each light
- Added in blockers to shape the image more and not rely on light linking
- Shaders adjusted to have more specular and accurate colours

To Do:
- Add SSS to fruit and leaves
- Add stone texture to the table
- Increase exposure on bounce on the screen left foreground

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Update - 1 Jun 2021

Lighting Study - Caravaggio's Still Life With Fruit

Today I've started a new lighting project in Houdini, rendering in Arnold, to sharpen my skills. I decided to recreate Caravaggio's Still Life With Fruit painting as I've always had an interest in fine art and love his use of chiaroscuro.
Assets and shaders are from the Quixel Megascans library.

Breakdown of Current Progress