Mario Miozzo 3D Animator Reel 2021

Mario Miozzo 3D Animator Reel 2021

Mario Miozzo
by mariomiozzo on 1 Jun 2021

This is a compilation of my previous work over the last 7 months. Thanks to this reel I was able to enter the industry for the first time as a Junior. I would like to thank all the talented artists and mentors that helped me through. Full credit list in the Vimeo link.

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A compilation of my personal and student work over the last 7 months. Thank you for watching :)

Projects and credits in order of appearance:

"Nintendo Switch Hero" model by John Andre Abad. Based on the original concept by Chanin Suasungnern.

• John Andre Abad - (

• Chanin Suasungnern - (

Background assets from

"Cloudberry Dragon" project by Diana Castelao. Dragon rig courtesy of Jeremia Kenneth. Water drop simulations by Harshita Maheshwari.

• Diana Castelao - (

• Jeremia Kenneth - (

• Harshita Maheshwari - (

“Mechanical Spider Rig” Modelled and Rigged by Elias:

• Elias - (

"Anipulator Tool" a little tool I made to transfer animations from mocap data or other rigs to the desired rig. The process bakes those animations on the controls to make it easier for editing.

Rig used from

"IMMUNE SYSTEM vs THE VIRUS" - The drill rig courtesy of Jeremia Kenneth and model by Diana Castelao. Norman rig courtesy of Leif Jeffers, Morgan Loomis, Peter Starostin, and Neal Thibodeaux. Bboy rig courtesy of Rodrigo Ribeiro. Audio and inspiration from the show Gurren Lagann.

"Dirty Dan" personal project. Responsible for all visual elements. The "pinhead" line is from the SpongeBob series.

"Hell Yeah" - Responsible for all animations and 2D effects. Hair model by Megan Buentipo. Textures by Diana Castelao. Comp by Harshita Maheshwari. Audio from "Terry Tate Office Linebacker". David Rig curtesy of Gabriel Salas. SpiderverseRig curtesy of Sanin Srisarntiwong and Jirawat Srisarntiwong.

• Megan Buentipo - (


• Fairy Tail - Dragon Force

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