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The Ascended and Corrupted:
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The Ascended and Corrupted:

Denzell Ainsworth
by Denzolli on 30 May 2021

A collection of character design illustrations for a personal worldbuilding project.

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Update - 30 May 2021

The Ascended and Corrupted: Character Illustrations

For this project I wanted to focus on building lore through my character designs. 
The idea is based on heavenly and demonic beings conflicting in a modern setting.

The Corrupted: Imp

A design illustration based around the idea of the corruption of a human being.

The demon will take on the traits of the human depending on how they lived and died, in this case the individual was a pyromaniac. Their face became fused with their mask when they became a demon and can wield the power of flame.

The Ascended

The Ascended, a race of angel-type beings that are alien in nature. Their soul purpose is to eliminate demonically corrupted individuals.

Ascended: Warrior Type

A subclass of The Ascended that has yet to reach it's full capabilities. Focussed on physical combat more than the ethereal abilities of it's Ascended brethren.


Thank you for looking at my work!

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