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Do Not Open it!

Do Not Open it!

by Panos96K on 29 May 2021

It is snugly and soft inside!

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I needed some excitement in my life, so I made some rules for this project:

1. You have half a day to make the models and textures, when the 12 hours pass , pencils down.

(ok you can take your time to light the scene and render, cuz you are still bad at it)

2. No sculpting, no Zbrush allowed

3. Everything you use must be made within these 12 hours. No reused assets, no cheating!

The Process:

I started with primitives in 3dsmax 

I used the FFD modifier and edit poly to shape the objects 

I made the fleshy bits in substance painter. I used the particle organic brush to make a heightmap mask and I colored it using the same materials as the mimics gums

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