Goodnight, Lily

Goodnight, Lily

Ashley Rosenbaum
by CascaSocea and ashleyrosenbaum on 27 May 2021

Goodnight, Lily is a 2D platformer with light horror aspects. Lily finds herself in a nightmare, and must solve simple puzzles and platforming while avoiding enemies.

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Demo Reel containing artwork created for the 2D platformer: Goodnight, Lily. 

This project I was the Rigger and Animator for the player character, Lily. Her and all environment animations were hand-drawn initially in Photoshop and then rigged and animated in Spine. 

The player concept and ending scene were drawn by Tami Jaderlund and then passed to me to be rigged and animated. 

The VFX were hand drawn and a mixture of Spine animation and traditional hand-drawn animation. 

Game Trailer for Goodnight, Lily. The team consisted of 14 people: 

Dustin Keplinger, Taylor Guy, Keegan Tompkins, Carlos Garcia-Perez, Amy Stoltz, Quinn Beierle, Laurel Darling, Matt Longcore, Grant Garoutte, Michelle Mayer, Christopher Pang, Tami Jaderlund, Ashley Rosenbaum, Casca Socea

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