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The Neverending Story - Concept Art

The Neverending Story - Concept Art

Tomeu Riera
by TomeuRiAm on 27 May 2021

This is a very personal project based on a reboot of The Neverending Story saga. I have always been a huge fan of the book and I would love to see a brand new Live Action adaptation on screen. In this project you will see my personal interpretation of most characters, objects and places. Hope you like it!

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Falkor and Atreyu flying over Fantasia.

Pyornkrachzark’s stone bycicle. Of all possible locomotion means, the rockbiters use the most destructive and dramatic, but I think it is very cool.

The Southern Oracle. Sphinx explorations.

The Gnomes' House.


I was never a fan of the dog-looking dragon design from the movies, but I have to admit that, if you want your dragon to be friendly and adorable, it helps a lot to add a dog face! Also, the design from the 80s is so iconic that it would be very controversial to change it... 


First look at our hero, the young green-skinned warrior from the Grassy Plain, played by Noah Hathaway in the 1984 movie.

I wanted my interpretation of Atreyu to be close to the book, but also I was trying not to lose the humanity that the character has, so I tried diferent designs regarding the green skin issue. In this one, he has a very human tone skin tone, but covers part of his body in green and white tribal body paint. Hope you like it!

The Ivory Tower.

This little fella is Vooshvazool the Night Hob, flying on his bat towards the Ivory Tower to see the Childlike Empress.

Horok, stronghold of the Xayide the Witch. Also known as The Seeing Hand due to the eye-shaped windows that seem to lurk anyone who dares to come close to the fortress, this bastion is strongly guarded by the personal army of Mistress Xayide.

Next two pictures: helmets of the armored warriors from the castle of Horok. They look like giant black insects due to the heavy iron suit, and the armour is empty on the inside, since they move only under Xayide’s will.

Palace of Grograman, The Many Colored Death.

Sikanda is a legendary weapon that has a will of it’s own and comes out of it’s sheath when there is a cause worth to fight for. It can cut through any material and gives it’s bearer incredible fencing skills. But, careful! Drawing Sikanda intentionally will cause great misfortune.

Thanks for watching!

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