Life of the Ama diver

Life of the Ama diver

Sain-Sain Thao
by sainsainthao on 26 May 2021

This piece was created for my foundation final project at Think Tank Training Centre. It is a 3D render based on the concept "Life of The Ama diver" by Bo Xun Lin ( Hope you'll enjoy it!

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The goal of this project was to recreate a 2D concept into 3D and match the concept as close as possible.

I started as almost complete beginner in 3D few weeks ago and creating this project from start to finish was a great learning experience. The water look development and the fishnet modelling was very challenging but, overall, I really enjoyed working on this final project and trying to find solutions.

The story behind this Ama character really inspired me. Ama, which means "seawomen" in Japanese, are traditional female pearl divers in Japan. Women were considered fit to be ama because their higher fat body composition would help them endure the freezing temperatures of seawater that they had to dive in. They would begin their ama training starting at the age of 12 until they were 70 or 80 years old. I found these women so impressive!

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