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Inspiration & Concept: MY SWEET AND AMAZING YA.  Digital Art  4K. Project by Kauê Augusto Leite, 2021.

Inspiration & Concept: MY SWEET AND AMAZING YA. Digital Art 4K. Project by Kauê Augusto Leite, 2021.

Kauê Augusto Leite
by Kaueaugustoleite on 24 May 2021

Artwork/Project: Rebirth - ART, LOVE & INSPIRATION. Exclusive Art Collection. My sweet and amazing Ya, Digital Art 4K UHD. Part 05. Author: Kauê Augusto Leite, I.Mekitarian. Softwares: Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop CC, Wacom Intous and Lightroom. © All rights reserved. 2021.

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Rebirth - ART, LOVE & INSPIRATION. Exclusive Art Collection. My sweet and amazing Ya, Digital Art 4K UHD.  Project By Kauê Augusto Leite. 

Helo! I am Kauê Augusto Leite, professional artist and here I am going to show you one of my favorite projects. 

Before we start I want to emphasize the importance and weight of this work, and the importance of the set on my art collection, in reference to my official portfolio on the artstation platform. And also to emphasize in the first place the weight and importance of my art model, partner and my inspiration in my life, whether in my personal or professional life.


The project in its technical part has the power of Canon EOS 6D, as the main source of the work, it comes with a superior quality in the image which gave me an idea of ​​production. The result obtained by the photographer is extraordinary, as well as in this record, in other photos that I have of my art model. In addition, this specific art was produced with deadline because we wanted to make it for an important event, then use it for my portfolio. So, this is how we did it! 

One of the things that I like about this project, as much as I love the photos is that, I particularly think the photo of this work as the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. (laughs) I believe it is because of the lighting and the way the photograph was taken. There is still the color palette of the photograph, the style and many things visual influences that make my art model so incredible. this is a fact!


Here a special person to whom I have deep affection and admiration. And that now, in the care of my eyes and hands, I was able to have the privilege of making it my greatest work of art. With it and through it I can do something I never imagined... Textures, colors, lights and details make the set between drawing and photography the purest art.

Here, in mine and in our project, we do something unique, singular and beautiful. This project is part of an exclusive collection of art that we made together. My art model, my partner and a love, is entirely the reason for all of this to exist. In homogeneity the most incredible woman, I dedicate my precious time to do something precious and eternal. This project is personal, intimate as well as all the others already published in my portfolio like the many that will still come to my Exclusive collection. Everything is done with a lot of love and care, these are my greatest techniques used here. 


The project was conceived exclusively in Super Realism in high definition, maintaining the original characteristic registered in real life, through digital photography. The project in its construction had hundreds of adjustments, application of details that are almost imperceptible. This was only possible due to the power of Adobe Photoshop software with the aid of the Wacom intous tool. The official artwork consists of 8K resolution. 

For the second version of this work, the image was reduced technically, with a technical change from pixel to 4K Ultra Resolution. I invested hundreds of hours dedicated exclusively to art, over a few weeks. The production was done in stages, namely: Research and study of colors, Technical sketch (Anatomy, volume and perspective), colors and textures. And for later production, the finalization of the art with editing in Lightroom. Below is a copy of the art in: Before and After.


The project starts long before you pick up the tip of the digital pen. It starts with planning and organization first. And for my projects I always carry out a technical study of the colors that I will use as a basis for the project. 

Building a well-defined color palette can help with the idea of ​​how the work will look in the end, so it is important to extract the colors from the photograph and make this planning to use throughout the creative process. With that, I also think about the ideal concept the project needs, whether for future modifications, application and creation of textures based on the photo, or in the final edition. 

For that, I use Adobe's tool, called Adobe Color, as an aid. It is a great starting point to start the project when transferring the colors to Adobe Photoshop or any other Design software. Bearing this in mind, it is necessary above all to build a direct base on the sketch. I use this first stage for the construction of the Work, where I make adjustments to Human Anatomy, the volume as light and shadow and also the perspective. With that ready and well assembled I use it for coloring. I apply the colors planned, the adjustments of the details and textures, facilitating the production of the art.

How did I use color harmonies in this project? It's simple, it works basically like this. For this project I carry out the technical study of the application of color harmonies which consists of: Analog, monochromatic colors, colors in triad, complementary in one or more divisions, complementary in pairs, composite colors and lastly the shadows. All of this is used for each color base applied to the image, so it consists of: Colorful, Bright, Soft, Deep and Dark. These are applied the color harmony rule for each color tone of the photograph applied to digital painting.

Here is the official archive of my project that has not been published, as I do not show the technical scenes, only a few step-by-step shoots, or images of more basic references for example. This is the first time that I show a harmony of colors about a project that I carried out.  Below is the preview of the original file of my project.

ART, LOVE & INSPIRATION: KAUE LEITE, EXCLUSIVE ART COLLECTION. © Kaue Augusto Leite - 2021. All rights reserved. Portfolio:


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