Character Selection Screen

Character Selection Screen

Carlos Pérez Domínguez
by carlospd on 24 May 2021

Design and animation of a character selection screen and the characters on the roster.

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Me and some classmates did a roster of characters for a fictional videogame. We had to finish all the designs and then make an animation for the character selection screen. This is my contribution and progress through the project.

The first thing I did by my own was the silhouettes and thumbnails for my character, The Comissioner, and the objects he carries with him.

Then I started with the final design and this is the result:

For the final step I did the character selection screen in After Effects. Here you can see the animation:

In that animation you can also see the final design of my teammates.

My teammates:

Vicente Moscardó Ribes

Sofía Gilsanz Domínguez

Jorge Ortega Pinel

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