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Group project: Card Design

Group project: Card Design

Alexandru Petre Ionel Octavian
by Gohuro on 23 May 2021

For this project we had to design a card deck in group, deciding a common art style.

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At the start we had some requirements:

-the cards had to be the same style

-they had to be made in illustrator

-we could only use line

-we only could use 2 colors

With this each one of us made a moodboard that we presented to the group, mostly we had the same ideas and style in mind, so we unified the moodboards that we thought represented the best the artstyle that we wanted.

After this we formalized the artstyle choosing how the borders of the card would look, how big the card would be, which typography we would use.

We also chose the colors of the cards, those two being a bluish dark gray, and a pale yellow with touches of gold. This decision was made to make the cards look elegant and glamorous, this to contrast the humour of the content in the cards.

After this we made two quick mockups of how the card would look at the end, so that everyone had an idea of what would be the aesthetic of the cards.

With the border each one of us made his own version of how they thought would suit the card the best, after that we unified the ones that we liked the most into a final border.

Here starts my personal work. Firstly we put on a document each written design of the card with its description, so that no cards were the same, after that I searched different references and moodboards that I thought would look best in the cards.

And I chose 3 of each object and I studied how it was made, and unified the three designs into one final design. Some cards had more than an object on them so the work of studying them was double, but the result was also double satisfying.

Here you can see the finished cards all together.

These are all the cards of my project colleagues and me.

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