Geode Golem

Geode Golem

by JuanCatala on 23 May 2021

The conceptualization and design of a mutant creature, made from a material or element that would normaly not be considered alive.

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The Mindmap

We had around 10 minutes to figure this out on the spot, so its far from perfect but it ultimatly did its job of representing the concept of what would become the character.

The Moodboard

After selecting one of the Elements of origin, I recolected samples of that element for analysis.

The Shapes

And that analysis was of course the analysis of the shapes.

The Silhouettes

Once we figure out the shapes we have to design the creature that would be born of such element.

For the rough idea of what it would look like I made 5 silhouettes.

The Proportions

After choosing the fifth silhouette, I made some changes to it in order to see if it would become more or less appealing.

The Thumbnails

Before choosing which to develop into the definitive form of the creature, I made 2 thumbnails of each in order to asses how much potential they had.

Moodboard for the Details

In order to add the appropiate amount of detail we need another moodboard.

After deciding on the Crystal look I decided to base the rest of the design on geodes and cristal formations.


As per the delivery of the first part of the project, this is how the creature turned out with some more details sprinkled around, and on a greyscale pattern.

Moodboard for the Color Palette

So, being new to this I decided to go with what looked like a little bit of everything. Just a general selection of enviroments.

The Color Palettes

After analysing the images and extracting the color palettes from them, I recolored my grey creature.

1. The Canyon

2. The Portal Guardian

3. The Costal Grotto

4. The Underglow

I went with the canyon because I think that if my creature was in a videogame, it would be some lower tier rock golem that just lurks in a very cliché location, like a rocky canyon.


And now all that is left is to add a light source and throw in some shadows. Since my creature has been designed in a frontal pose, the light must also come from the front, even if it is slightly tilted so I can put a proper shadow.

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