Demonic Character Design

Demonic Character Design

by JuanCatala on 23 May 2021

A project where we designed a line up of characters, to be used in a videogame style character selector.

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The Mindmap

This was a group project, where we made a character line up and an animation of said characters, sort of like a character selector in a videogame.

The first step was to decide the theme of the characters, so we brainstormed a little.

From that, we chose the most voted. And of course we couldn't decide on just one, so we went for 4.

After we decided on the theme, we made another mindmap/brainstorm for the props that this character might get to have.

The Moodboard

And now that we knew what we were drawing, we had to decide how we were gonna do that. In the end we picked a style without lines and we gathered some samples in order to better understand what we were doing.

The Style guide

So we decided on some guidelines for the characters:

1. Each character needs parts that tie them to each of the themes (Western, Robots, Demons, Magic) and at least 2 props.

2. We start with a silhouette of the character, without detail.

3. The thumbnails, which are required for the delivery of the project, most be done with lines. This lines will be removed in the later stages.

4. We remove the line and add flat colors, from a shared color palette.

5. Finally we add the details, and both lights and shadows.

And we started to work on the individual designs by ourselves.

The Character Mindmap

Even though we had 4 diferent themes to use, the fact that we needed all of them on the same character locked you on a very narrow path of development, where you had to constantly be mindfull of how much usable surface the character had and why was all of it there.

The concept ended up looking like this.

The Rough Sketches

Before we started fully with the design we had to make a line up of characters that would make sure we weren't all making Clint Demonwood, the Cyborg from Hell.

This were the options I brough to the table.

The Silhouettes

After we all agreed on what everyone was going to do, we got to work on that actual designs of our characters.

For the silhouettes I went with these 3 options.

The Character Moodboard

Once I decided on which one I was gonna use, it was time to figure out how it was gonna look with details on it.

The Thumbnails

So, I already had an idea of what I wanted, but I still tried some other combinations to see if I would like the look of it.

The Color Palette

We had agreed on the color palette that we all had to use from the begining. This meant that I was also stuck with what I had in order to give the character a belivable look. So I went with the only 2 combinations that made sense to me.

The Details

I'm actually really proud of this character. At the moment of writing this I barely have less than 4 months of training, and I knew nothing of Photoshop or any other tool prior to this.

And now look at this little guy. I can totally see myself revisiting this concept when I get to do some 3d modeling.

The Line Up

This is how it looked when all the characters were finally together.

The Animation

For the animation, we had to redesign the props of our characters so they would look better when displayed.

And the character selector ended up looking like this.

Also, here you have the animations of everyone else in the group.

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