Tetris Animation

Tetris Animation

by JuanCatala on 22 May 2021

An animation of the game Tetris matching the movements with the sound of a gameplay recording.

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The Blocks

In order to create the classic Tetris shapes, we're gonna need squares. 4 squares per shape, and of course they all have to be of the same size.

We arrange them and color them, and in the end they should look like this.

The Animation

Once created, we export them to After Effects along with the video we are using to sync up the sound.

We begin by introducing the movements of our shapes, including position and rotation.

Then we move on to the line removal. We'll use a bar that blinks based on opacity, since there is a bar in Tetris and making each individual square blink simultaneously would be way harder.

Now, after the last blink of the bar, we set the opacity of all the square in the line to 0 permanetly.

And finally, we lower the rest of the squares until they fill the space left by the now invisible line. In some cases, if the opacity allows for it, we might be able to move the entire shape, but the majority of cases will require moving each individual square.

Here is the video with the final animation.

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