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Animation Practice -Character Selection Menu

Animation Practice -Character Selection Menu

Carlos Sancho Ripoll
by Newt, Xaker100H, dareag, and visi02 on 22 May 2021

I animated a character selection menu using traditional frame-by-frame animation and After Effects

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This animation is based on a charcter design project allready public. In said project I joined together with a few classmates and we designed a group of villains with a dark victorian fantasy aesthetic.

We were tasked to create an animated character selection menu based on said designs. I decided on creating an information book of sorts, trying to play with the idea of a researcher that took notes of the various members of the team.

The animation uses both traditional frame-by-frame animation on a somwhat bigger scale than it does digital pre-rendered animation. Both the opening of the book (together with the fliping of the pages) and the movement that the single page (the one with the character portrait) where hand animated. The different fades where animated in After Effects.

I also added sound effects for the page flips and the writing of the text as well as for the "selection" of a new character marked in the upper left corner.

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