Rookies Weekly Drills 056 - #ShippingContainer
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Rookies Weekly Drills 056 - #ShippingContainer

Jon Sharratt
by trashart on 21 May 2021

Beware a creature lurks inside.

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Update - 6 Jun 2021

After the Rookies review last week it was recommended not to use white for the container, decided to change the textures up a bit and create a little scene to try and practice and create something more visually appealing for presentation.

I used megascans for the environment assets in the final scene. I have some ideas to get Houdini going for future projects to get some dust sims going as really love using animation and audio to try and bring models to life.

Using Nuke (still very much trying to learn and improve these skills) I finalised the image for presentation.

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Update - 22 May 2021

Quixel Megascans were used for the environment. Video was rendered using Unreal V Early Access and put together with audio in Premiere Pro. Wanted to have a play around with Unreal V early access, this seemed like a great opportunity to do so.

This morning grabbed a coffee, popped on my headphones and pumped on some music and created a low poly version of the model along with UVing it all.

I then jumped into Substance Painter and got going with a bake and started texturing it based on the rough and ready idea of a creature being within this container. Hopefully you can spot the manufacturer of the container in homage to a recent game release ;D

Looking for this to be a game ready asset, all critique welcome on what can be improved for this use case is super appreciated.

Looking to add a beauty render with animation using the blend shapes mentioned yesterday. Also have packed textures ready to import the asset into Unreal Engine (have a couple of ideas if I get time).

The model is free for anyone to download and use freely from Sketchfab. Going to try and do this more going forward with Weekly Drills so at least there is potential of some use out of the work going into them.

Update - 21 May 2021

Decided to make a start on the #ShippingContainer weekly drill this evening, gathered some reference for the modelling process. I had a rough idea in my head that I want to do some kind of animation with a creature contained within the shipping container I create.

Will look to use blend shapes to create the animation of thumping bending metal, looks like it will work (based on the quick tests).

The main focus for this evening was to create a model to contain the creature in.  I used Maya and straight forward box modelling to get the model into a high resolution state I am happy with the look off.  Tomorrow will be headphones on to smash out a low poly version ready for baking and UVs.