Tetris Remake

Tetris Remake

Alexandru Petre Ionel Octavian
by Gohuro on 23 May 2021

For this project we had to make and animate a Tetris game using only Adobe After effects and Illustrator or Photoshop

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Firstly we had to make the tetris pieces, I wanted to do a ghibli themed tetris so I made small Ghibli themed pieces in black and white and after that I arranged them in groups using the form of the Tetris pieces.

After that I wanted to do some startup screens so I made all the options and level selection screens you would see in a normal tetris game, and what I did was plating with the opacity of each document so that the screens would fade one into each other and the buttons would react realistically.

Then it started the animation of the Tetris game, the things I was changing were, first the opacity so that the piece would appear in the “next piece” square, after that the real piece also changed opacity and it started moving towards the expected position, and so that it looked very snappy, all the changes were made to be instantaneous, it didn’t have any fade from one position to another.

The hardest part was the disappearance of the rows, first I separated into three categories the pieces:

-pieces that don’t change at all

-pieces that disappear (completely or partially)

-pieces that move (the pieces that disappear partially also move)

And I used an inverse mask layer to hide the pieces that disappeared, at first I wanted to use only one so that every piece were hidden by the same mask, but that proved to be impossible to me, so I had to copy and paste the mask several times only to make the mask work, the final touch was to make a blinking red rectangle so that the disappearance was more dramatic.

Here you can see the final animation in work.

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