SteamPunk Compass Rookies Weekly Drills (055) [Real Time]

SteamPunk Compass Rookies Weekly Drills (055) [Real Time]

Mohamed Riad Attaf
by RiadATF on 21 May 2021

This is my first participation in the Rookies challenge, specifically the Weekly Drills. The goal was to create a compass in the theme "Steampunk", this object had to be able to be seen in a video-game or a movie, in my case I chose a video-game therefore the rendering is in real time. I hope you'll like it ^^ !

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I started by imagining the shape of the nuts, then I imagined roughly the shape that the steampunk compass would have, I got the idea after seeing a PDF on the Steampunk style

After modeling on Blender I used substance painter and Photoshop for the textures and then I did the rendering in real time on Marmoset Toolbag 4

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