spider enemy for my game with the whole process

spider enemy for my game with the whole process

Robert Gamarci
by Rogabl on 20 May 2021

In this post I show my entire process to make this character, with the tools I use and the final result.

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Spider enemy character, for my game too

spider process

I sculpted the spider with blender, for the legs I simply modeled one of the legs and the other three on the side, I copied them and then modified them with the digital sculpture tools and made a mirror. then I took the sculptures to 3d max and made a retopology to get the low taking care of where the character was going to be deformed, after that I did the baking in marmooset

After taking out the normal maps and the low, I used 3d max to do the rigging and skinin with the cat, then I made the animations.

Animation demo walk and attack

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