Cities of the future

Cities of the future

Thomas Eckstein
by ThomasEckstein on 20 May 2021

A Demo Project about a futuristic Sci-Fi City rendered with Arnold using the ACES workflow.

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A glimpse into the future showing a spaceship flying over a metropolis to join up with the mother ship.

The buildings are from Kitbash3D and the spaceships from CGTrader.  Lighting and LookDev was done in Maya in the ACES Colorspace. Alot of the work was done in Compositing (Nuke) to get all the glowing building parts, as well as the overall look just right.

Video Sequence including all Breakdowns:

Since alot of work was done in Compositing, here is a before (raw render) and after (composited image) of my render:

A rough Breakdown of my Render Layers (as there is a 5 image limit):

A rough Breakdown of my Lightgroups:

A rough Breakdown of my comp:

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