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Mutant Creature

Mutant Creature

Alexandru Petre Ionel Octavian
by Gohuro on 23 May 2021

This project was about the creation and design of a monster originated from an inanimate object.

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This project was about the creation and design of a monster originated from an inanimate object

We were asked to do 10 ideas of :





-Object of origin

After these we were asked to choose one of each and design a monster with those ideas in mind. Firstly I chose the references and I studied the silhouette and anatomy of the lamps, which was my object of origin. I wanted to give a horror vibe to the monster since those are usually the types of moods monsters are in. 

I chose several industrial lamps, because they looked very cold and terrifying, and also they usually have a wide range of movement, which could make a very interesting character.

When I was making the silhouettes I wanted to have a big contrast in the shapes of the legs and the lamp heads, both being triangular but the legs being more pointy and the heads being more round. I also wanted to use the anatomy of a spider because I felt like it suited the best with the general concept. 

When I was making the thumbnails I was doubting if I should choose a shot of the monster without any decoration or pose in particular, or making it with a background and a character, in the end I decided to do one of each, one static pose so that the whole character was able to be seen easily, and also a more action-focused pose in which the point of attention was the personality of the monster.

Here you can see the both final concepts of the character, one being the character static and the other being in action.

For the second part of this project, we had to choose a color palette and implement it into a scene and into the monster, I searched for many movies that had the same type of vibe that the monster, choosing movies in the horror genre, two of the principals colors being blue and red, I knew red was a must since the start and it shows on the color of the thumbnails and final part of the earlier project.

I tried different saturations and value of those colors but I felt like many of them were too “childish” and at the end I revolved between the ones that had a strong dark/black color as one of the principal colors, at the end I chose a palette that had black, blue, red and yellow, being those three colors triads in the color wheel, I also desaturated a bit the blue and a lot the yellow, so that the red gained more strength.

Also at the same time I tried the palette in two sketches of the final design so that I could see if the scene worked as a whole, in the end I felt like most of the other palettes were too monochromatic and lacked contrast, so I went with the choice I stated before.

Here you can compare the thumbnail with the final design, usually I do a loose sketch of what I want before starting the final design so I can have something to work with as a base.

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