A portrait with shapes

A portrait with shapes

Carlos F. Izquierdo
by Stamp on 20 May 2021

This time I have made a self-portrait but with basic forms of Adobe Illustrator. This illustration has taken me a long time to work so I would appreciate any kind of feedback.

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It would be appreciated if you could give me feedback on this concept art, so I'm sure I'll learn more new things!

Working the portrait

The difficulty that this portrait presented to me is that I had to do it with basic forms of Adobe Illustrator so the first thing I did before starting the portrait was to decompose several photos of me into basucas shapes in order to become familiar with the shape of my face and also have a idea of ​​what basic forms he was going to use.

Once I was clear more or less in which basic figures my face was composed, I looked for a photo that I would like to take in basic forms which was this for its simplicity in colors and in position.

Once I had the reference photo, I decomposed it into basic forms and then made my portrait as I did in the previous step.

After all this process I started to put basic shapes with the illustrator, I used square circles and the maximum that I could allow was to round the corners of the shapes.

Actually the process was quite difficult, so after a lot of time and effort I was not comfortable with the result so I made another portrait but this time with the tracing tool.

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