The slime of happiness

The slime of happiness

Carlos F. Izquierdo
by Stamp on 18 May 2021

This concept art consists of a slime of happiness, my idea was to make a mutant monster but that gave a feeling of happiness and did not scare. Dor this I made a whole concept art, so encourage me to read it all and you like high five.

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Creation process:

To show my work I will separate the process into two parts:

Working the monster form

The first thing I did was an idea map with certain things that could look like the funniest monster and I also made a mood board on the slime and I analized the form of some slimes to become familiar with the shape of the slime and especially how it is drawn and that I can adapt that material to make a monster.

The first thing I have done has been to make some squares to separate the head, body and legs, basically the proportions so he could make different monsters with different proportions.

Once having done this I started to work on the silhouette based on the proportions try to respect the silhouettes and above all make monsters with many curves to respect that slime feeling.

I have fiddled with the forms of the monster that I already had because I did not like any result for the final.

Once I had done this, I had put a little detail into the shapes, so you could say that this was my first thumbnail, in this way I could differentiate where each part of the body was going.

Once I had the basic details, I worked with the thumbnails, I made two for each character to familiarize myself with the style of the slime.

I decided to put candy and lollipops on the slime to give it a friendlier look, since candy has always been associated with young children and they are innocent, so I could relate my child to something innocent for this. In this way I decided to make moodboards of these props to familiarize myself.

Once I was familiar with the candies and lollipops, I made a new shape based on one of the silhouettes that I liked and I added the details. And this was the end result.

Working on the monster color

The first thing I did to work on the color palette was to catch different scenes from movies that gave me a feeling of joy and kindness and I missed the colors. Try to catch happy scenes or with an intense tonality so that my character seems closer to a cartoon aimed at a young audience, since it is not a mystery that intense palettes attract the attention of the youngest.

Once the moodboards are done, try to get the color palette of those scenes, putting the predominant colors in larger squares and the less predominant colors in smaller squares.

Once having done this I caught all those palettes and applied them as best I could to my slime of happiness.

Select the one from the bluish color palette because it gave me a feeling that it was slime, it is true that blue is not a color that represents a lot of happiness but that would compensate with the candies.

Once I had selected the creature, I began to put a shadow and light texture on it, the texture is the photoshop noise filter and the shadows were a darker blue than the one it had and the lights were a more purple hue.

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