Weekly Drill 55: Steampunk Compass

Weekly Drill 55: Steampunk Compass

by YogendraAgarwal on 18 May 2021

This little guy, right now I am calling it SpiderCrabBot, can guide players or character. Mainly found in Ruins or Dungeons. Feed him magic and he shall show you the way.

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I recently discovered about weekly drills, I wanted to create something automotive when I read something players can follow

Only thing I can thought of was spider and crab so I just mixed them. No concept art, just looked at lot of spider pics. I cant draw, it sucks a lot, one of the other reason to chose 3D modeling, so when I tried to design by drawing, I had a good laughed.

So why Crab? On turns and curve, SpiderCrabbot walks like a crab and then took turns. It have a magic stone at the back which player can fill with magic to work, also works different with each power level. Without magic its a normal steampunk Compass.

Source for Ruin: https://flyclipart.com/armanen-runes-runes-png-258333

Source for Compass image : https://pngtree.com/so/compass-clipart

I am still at learning stage for lighting, but to show the compass properly, which being the main thing for this drill, I did a different lightning for this, which made me thought I should have done this for all...

With and without magic

So thats it for my first attempt. Had a lot of fun with this one. Any critique and feedback is always welcome.


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